Mobile Development

My main focus lies on mobile development, especially Android and Flutter. I have worked over 6 years in mobile development environments. During this time I've had contact which almost every part of the Android system, worked on reactive development with RxJava and worked for two years with Kotlin.

Since 2013, I've worked on several native Android project in eCommerce, culture, insurance and aviation. My focus is testability, architecture and performance. I've worked on Instant App and modular app project as well. During one of my last projects while I was working for REWE Digital GmbH, my colleague and I built a new dependency framework for Kotlin called Katana. I aim to deliver purely testable code, which can be achieved with Clean Architecture and strict modulization of features. I can support you and your team with my knowledge in how to start from scratch or to refactor savely, if required.

During the early 2018, Flutter caught my attention. The idea to have a cross plattform toolchain, which compiles to native code without having to use a bridge as e.g. in React Native sounded too good to be true. Flutter does an amazing job. You can quickly build polished and animated apps for both Android and iOS. I did a few case studies to test out it's limits and compared it to native implementations in Android. If you want to focus on your brand, Flutter should be a consideration. Since I've worked on Katana, I had to port it to Dart. The project is called Dartana and will be released soon.

Technoligies and frameworks I have worked with (excerpt):

  • Kotlin & Coroutines
  • RxJava & RxAndroid
  • Conductor
  • Dagger 2
  • Firebase
  • ButterKnife
  • RealmDB
  • Espresso & Robolectric

Game Development

Besides being and mobile developer, I always wanted to build games. I am a hobbiest since 2012 and will always be.

I'd started to work with Unity as a hobby in 2012 even before I worked as a professional developer. During my studies I built a Zelda clone and since 2012 several prototypes. I've also finished a few courses online and attended the Unite 2018 in Berlin. I know what you need to build a game and how you structure components.


+49 171 8310017


Blomenkamp 10a
Rhede, NRW 46414