Kijiji Autos

“Kijiji Autos” is a seller platform in Canada. The development of the private seller flow is part of my tasks. The Android app is built modularly and heavily relies on dependency injection, dependency inversion and clean architecture.

PENNY Coupons and Angebote

PENNY was built completely from scratch within six months. We aimed to build a showcase for what is possible in Android with the newest features like „Instant Apps“ or modular app design. The app was developed test driven and we also released our own dependency injection framework created within the development of this app.

REWE Angebote & Lieferservice

While working for REWE digital, I added the marketplace feature to the existing app. External vendors were allowed to sell their product through the REWE platform. My team and I introduced clean architecture and the MVP-Pattern within the development time.

Fundamental Capital GmbH

Fundamental Capital is a FinTech startup located in Rhede. I built the initial app and released it. The app reads investment data from a REST service and displays them to the user.


NRW2go ist an app I built for the WDR, which contains of a video mediathek. The videos are short documentaries about regions in Germany. The app was built within three months and contains video streaming and poi clustering. It was also optimised for accessibility.

BVG Bike

BVG Bike shows bike riders in Berlin, where interesting hotspots are. BVG prepared beautiful riding routes through and around Berlin. My job was to implement the initial app design and its architecture.


vepScan by Vaillant makes it easier for installers to register their points in the Vaillant loyalty program.The app uses the Google Vision Api to detect Barcodes and sends the scanned information to the Vaillaint backend.


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